Adultery Neighbour Co-worker
The story had a build-up for sake of realism. I hope you enjoy.

I work for a mighty software firm which is widely known for its antivirus products. So for almost nine years of the past decade I had lived in ‘The West’. But one day I got the news that the higher management has decided to open an office in India at last. Although it was not proposed to be opened in my home town but still getting a chance to live in my own country made me apply for a transfer. My boss at first told me to wait to see if he could do anything, but Gods were listening to my prayers. Within three months the office was established and I was all packed up for that flight back home.

Initially it was my plan to stay at home for a few days and re-join after a vacation of at least a fortnight but since the office was newly opened and I owed my bosses for sending me back here big time, so I decided ‘what the heck, let’s show them that I really deserved this relocation’. I started working right from the next day I arrived. Believe me it was not an easy task to show up at the office while suffering with jet-lag for the first few days and it was really testing my resilience. At times I even began to regret if I had done the right thing by moving here. The climate, pollution, indiscipline were few of the factors which I had forgot to take into account while making this big move. Still I was happy somewhere when I thought that finally I am not relatively that very far away from my native.

First week in the office was mostly about analyzing the new recruits whether they were any good to keep up with the reputation of the firm. Their training was about to conclude and then they were to be assigned their departments. I was the one who was responsible for assigning the teams, or making any particular recruit sit on the bench for he mistook the whole job ‘taken for granted’ and did not do well in the post training assessment. Overall I was the development teams’ provider.

At the first place I was myself not feeling well after this long distance travel and on the top of it I could not even take a break. Secondly, few of the recruits proved themselves to be really unworthy and tested my patience a lot. At times I had to control my anger by merely leaving the candidate alone and myself taking a break in which I usually went out to smoke.
So one fine day, one of the candidates, I am sure unintentionally, did make me really mad. But since this was not a school viva-voce where a teacher gets to scold a student at silly mistakes, I decided to leave the kid alone giving him time to think about what wrong he had done. I went out to smoke.

I found out I was out of cigarettes and was cursing myself for being so forgetful about buying a carton before coming to the office. Now the nearest shop where I could get one cigarette was at least a mile away and I didn’t want to leave office at the peak of work hours.

Suddenly my eyes fell upon a girl who must be aged about 25, coming towards me. She asked if I could lend her my lighter as she had forgot to bring her own. I had my lighter right in my hand and the empty carton of cigarettes in the other which she had noticed already. I said sure and lighted her. Since I had nothing to do there anymore so I decided to leave. I threw the empty pack into the trash can and began to move. Suddenly she called from behind – ‘excuse me, I notice you were here to smoke and are leaving without having a drag’.

I thought – ‘wow! This girl is good in making accurate assumptions’. I turned and said – ‘True, but how did you know I didn’t smoke. She smartly answered – ‘You did not smell like smoke, yet you were having a lighter and threw an empty pack into the trash bin. With that I assume that you were here to smoke but just realized that you were carrying an empty box and had forgotten to buy one on the way to office. She offered me out of her own box – ‘here, please feel free to take one of mine’. Although I hate to bum these things from others but yet I was really impressed by this lady and her wits, so I decided to stay a little longer and hence took a cigarette from her pack. ‘Classic’ – it read. I was also thankful to my luck as she too used to smoke the same brand which I preferred.

So, with this, started our acquaintance. I introduced myself – ‘Aman’. She said – ‘Razia’. ‘Lovely name’ – I complimented. She said thanks to that.
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I asked – ‘do you work here?’ Which was again a stupid question to ask, since no outsiders were allowed to come to this area, which was behind the cafeteria and was meant for only those people who wished to smoke. No other person might know about it unless told about in the induction, that too after he has finished all formalities to be named on the payroll of the company. Also the ID badge is mandatory to be carried at all times while office hours. I soon realized that it was a silly thing to ask but she answered in the same calm tone. Yes, she was an employee to the same company and was a new recruit who had joined only five days ago. There was another reason why this question came out of my mouth.

She was not wearing her ID. So then I asked – ‘then why are you not wearing your ID?’ There was no explanation that she could give me. She quickly took it out and wore it around her neck, but at the same time she told me that the same rule went with me too. Actually today was the first time that I had not worn it around my neck and kept it in my pocket instead. Still rules are rules and uniform for each individual so I put it on and we both shared a smile.

So this was how I met Razia for the first time and she took me by interesting surprise. More was yet to come. Like for the next whole week we kept seeing each other in the smoking area. Coincidentally she also felt the urge to smoke at the same time when I used to visit the smoking area. Ironically the time we shared our introductions was the only time we really talked. Other times we only used to say hi or good morning; apart from other times when she used to forget her lighter and asked for light.

Nevertheless, I never got to see which was her work station or which floor was it located. Neither did I ask her about who was taking care of her training or other things. I was not really interested to know more about her at that time. I was merely satisfied with these backdoor meetings.
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A month went by in a flash. Finally I took a vacation when I felt that I had had enough. Off I went for a holiday to meet my parents and family whom I hadn’t seen in years. This vacation also gave me time to use my connections to help me get a fine place to live and a conveyance of my own.

The flat which I bought was on the eighth floor. My flat number was 801. Now there were only 4 flats on each floor. Since this was the top floor very few people were interested to buy it. That was the reason why I got a good deal. Nevertheless 802 and 803 were empty and were still awaiting a buyer but 804 was occupied. Other than the fact that the real owners were based in Dubai these days and had let the flat to their relative. I came to know that she lived alone and was a working woman hailing from Ahmadabad. But I never got to see her as the times when I was moving in, usually used to be the time while she would be at work. So never mind, there’s no rush in meeting the neighbors I told to myself.
So moving on to the first day of work after vacation; once outside the flat, I called for the elevator. It came, I stepped in and as soon as the doors were about to shut I saw someone putting a foot between them. In came Razia. I was totally surprised. ‘So Razia is my neighbor’- I thought to myself and was totally sure that she might be surprised as well.

She greeted me – ‘Hi Mr Singh. What makes you come here? Do you live in the flat opposite to mine?’ Was her obvious question, to which I nodded my head in yes. She seemed excited about it, I didn’t know why. But I also was happy at some extent because that was the time when I really checked this lady out. A white top and black jean. A flat pair of footwear in the feet and anklet to adorn them. Fair complexion with a large beautiful black pair of eyes with just the right amount of liners in them. And also to mention the lips, with a hint of lipstick. That was all I could check out in those 12 seconds of the ride in the elevator. Of course I had greeted her back when she said hi to me. I wanted this checking out to be as subtle as possible because I didn’t want to make things look awkward at that time.

We both moved to different directions after coming out. But as soon as I drove off the basement I saw her standing at the front. I figured out she was waiting for me to pass through, I stopped the car. She came from the other side and knocked on the window pane. I lowered it after which she leaned and asked me if she could get a lift to the office as she had a flat tyre in her vehicle and there was no time to set it right. I gladly said yes since it was my first drive to the office from this place and I might need someone to navigate me. So it would be a help if someone like her would join me. Also her persona had started to put some effect of charm on me and wanted to interact more and more to her.
In that ride we talked about things like hometowns, college education, work experiences etc. It was then while I came to know that today was the day she was to undergo her post training assessment which was due because of the assessor being on leave. She didn’t know yet that it was me so I tried to play along a little bit.

I asked – so why isn’t your assessment done yet, isn’t there anyone else who could take care of it? She said – I don’t know, they say that there is only one person whose approval matters and he is on leave right now. Funny thing was that nobody had even told her my name so she could assume that the same person she used to smoke with was the one who gets to decide which team she would work in. I decided to keep this thing to myself for some more time.

We arrived at the shop where I usually used to buy cigarettes so I pulled over and bought a pack for myself. I asked her if she wanted anything to which she replied she already had her stuff in her purse. Still I bought a Cadbury for her as suddenly a TV commercial occurred to me in which they say ‘kuchh achha karne se pehle kuchh meetha ho jaye’. So I gave that to her and said the same line before wishing good luck. Girls really like chocolates, I don’t know what brings a crazy expression to their mind whenever there is a mention of chocolate. She giggled and said thanks while I started the car.

Finally we reached office. I signaled her to alight and move to her workstation while I park. ‘See you later then’ was all I could hear before the gate closed.
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I went into my cabin where I had a log waiting for me at the table, with the list of 24 candidates who were to go under my final assessment before their position in the company would be made permanent. I went through the emails, replied to a few important ones. Meanwhile I just discovered that it was the last batch of recruits for the time and the next would arrive in not less than next 2 months and then I decided to start with the process of assessment and get that over with.

One by one came in the fresh bright minds. I was surprised as they seemed to be smarter than the previous ones. Perhaps they had got a better time to prepare before they landed upon me. I was glad and it is well known that when you are feeling good about the work it barely makes you feel tired. So by lunchtime 20 candidates had made their appearance and only one of them was what I could say not so well. While having lunch I was wondering if Razia would be able to make it. Though she sounded fairly intelligent to me. I was asking myself a question whether I should be a little lenient while grading her. But then I decided that I should be honest with my liability and should be fair to my job.

After lunch she was the first candidate to be sent in. and her eyes were wide open as if what was I doing there but baby that is my job and I ought to do it. She was brilliant. Her flamboyance won it all for her. Never did I notice any reluctance in any of the answers she gave. She seemed to have sound knowledge of both in and out the book. She had been the best performer in the training module as I was told by her and also she was the topper of her class where she had graduated. She was indeed a beauty with great mind.
Later before leaving the office while I sought for a little time by myself at the smoking area, I saw her there. She was hesitating to come near me and talk about anything as I noticed that. So I called her and said don’t be nervous, you have passed, and also the fact that I am your boss doesn’t change anything between us. You’re still someone whom I meet while I smoke; moreover you are the girl next door for me.

She simply smiled and thanked me for being so kind to her and also that she needed someone to share this moment of joy. I said – ‘wait a minute, that doesn’t mean that you would be spared of the treat and mind you, it’s you who is paying.’ Tears of joy were clearly visible in her eyes and thus began our friendship.
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Every day we used to step out at the same time from our flats, and reached at the office almost same time too. Only difference was, she used to commute by her own Activa and I had my own car. We came home almost together too. Casual greetings and smiles were common but we never used to bother about any personal things. Not even what both of us were about to cook for dinner. So days kept passing.

Only thing which I had developed as a habit that I always allowed her to walk ahead of me, so that I could check her ass out and that too without her noticing. but still it had never occurred to me that I would take advantage of her or would drag her to bed. She was way younger than me, I think at least 10 years. But I must admit that I had started to like her company and gradually it was obvious to come, the feeling of lust came in my mind regarding her.

One fine morning, while in the elevator she informed me that it was her birthday. So obviously I had to wish her a happy birthday. And afterwards to carry on the conversation I asked what were her plans for the evening. She was plain and said there was no plan for the time being but would see if there is anything that could change the course of day. I didn’t understand. So I asked what did it mean. She said that she had no such friends around with whom she could go around hanging and also lives alone, inferring she was bound to celebrate her birthday alone.

We reached the basement, no words said, I went to my car and she went her own way. I was still not able to decide whether her tone should be taken as sarcasm or was she really upset at being alone today. I too would have hated to stay alone on such occasion. Also my birthday too was due next week. So I decided to bring some cheer at her face. I emailed her -Ii am new in this town, and for the past few months I have barely found any time to hang out with anyone. So how about we go to someplace and enjoy a bit. PS: please delete this mail after you reply. I knew I was crossing some boundaries by allowing my subordinate to be closer to me in that manner, also the ethics of a workplace were being breached, but heck it was someone’s birthday and she needed a better treatment.

Also the lust inside me towards this beautiful girl was growing and i wanted her all for myself so I didn’t want others be involved in it. Her reply – sure, looking forward to it. Let’s plan over smoke. Let’s meet backdoor in five minutes. PS please delete this mail too. I smiled at the response and also at her enthusiasm and excitement that she exhibited, and even ignored the fact that she was sending this total casual mail to her boss.

However, I didn’t mind that. Rather I reached the place in time where we were to discuss about the plans for the evening. Her first idea came as we would go to a restaurant. To that I smirked and said – ‘Is that it? All you got for a big evening is a restaurant? What would you eat, a Thali?’ She said – ‘Fine then, I thought you’re older and may not like the idea but what the hell I had it in mind already, let’s go to a pub, if you are comfortable. I know a place, it’s nearby, and budget suitable too, plus I too have never been to such place before, why not try that tonight?

Oh God she said all that without even breathing. I couldn’t say no. So it was decided that we would go to the pub right after signing off from the office and have a hell of a time there. And such was the excitement in both of our minds that neither of us could focus on our respective jobs after that. She met me in the parking lot and we decided that she would drive ahead and guide me to the place. I agreed and followed her.
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I had entered a pub after so long and perhaps for the first time in India. It had been quite a time since I had felt such loud ambience. Yet I was in a good mood and eagerly wanted to gulp a few drinks. So did Razia. So without losing time we hit the bar and ordered drinks for ourselves. One drink after other we were getting tipsy and she was getting in a mood to dance. But I was not much of a dancer so she had to hit the floor alone.

I sat at distance watching her moving her hips and grooving to the rhythm. Her ample breasts were bouncing. And there she danced without caring about anything around her. She took a break to gulp a drink or two in between but again she went to the floor and danced along with lots of partners. All sorts of boys and girls. All of them were drunk too. Even the steward watched her and mentioned to me that she was quite a catch and has admirable moves. I don’t know what impressed him more, the drunken girl dancing or her assets that she didn’t bother to hide from others.

I turned towards him; clearly he knew that this girl was with me and thus complimenting me so I said thanks to him. He poured two drinks for me and said, these are on the house. This got me thinking that why would he give a free drink to a first time visitor but who cares so much when he is high. So I drank one and signalled Razia to come along and have it. She came, drank bottoms up and off she went again.

I could tell she was losing control of her mind with the hooting noises she was making and the actions she was doing but it was her birthday and I didn’t want to spoil it for her so I allowed her to this point but suddenly she did something embarrassing, she just lifted her top and flashed her boobs in front of a dozen people who were at the floor. That was taken in excitement by others and two or three more girls who were drunk too also followed the suit. They got rid of their tops, all of them and unclasped their bra showing all their breasts to all the people in the house. Well, what you expect from the guys then. They started to cheer them up for more. Encouraging to get rid of the jeans or skirts too. But this was noticed by the pub authorities and they sent in the bouncers to get rid of the notorious people including the girls who were behaving lewd. So in no time drunken Razia and her accomplices were kicked out of the pub. Certainly there was chaos but that was taken care of. These things keep happening at pubs and that’s the reason why they hire the bouncers.

It was evident to me that the night out is over and I now am responsible for the safety of this girl. I was drunk too but this drama had taken most of the stupor away from me. So I was nearing sobriety and could drive. But Razia, she was still in a mood to make the outside open place her dance bar. With some difficulty and little help from the gatekeepers I managed to shut her down in my car. I tipped them and left for home. Also told them that we’ll return to take the Activa back when madam is sober again.
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