Nandini seducing her son - Every night
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Nandini and Pankaj Sharma, both in their early forties were natives of the beautiful city of Indore. Their marriage was arranged by their respective heads of the families when Pankaj was 24 and Nandini was 22 and it was a rollercoaster ride for them till the initial few years of marriage. Pankaj’s business wasnt going on that well and within 15 months of their marriage, Nandini gave birth to their son, Akash. The expenses were on the rise and Pankaj was the only earning member in the house since in those days it was like a sin to have the wife to work and earn money. She was expected to take care of the household chores, and that was what was expected of Nandini too. Then Pankaj decided to move to Mumbai, the land of opportunities, as they say. He started his business in Mumbai and his life turned upside down. His business propelled and suddenly the average middle class family became an affluent family living in Mumbai.
It been 20 years since their marriage. Pankaj and Nandini were living in a bungalow, along with their 18 year old son, Akash in the suburbs of Bandra, their home overlooking the sea. Even though they were very rich now, some things remained the same. They didnt hire any help for their daily chores, Nandini still preferred to do the household chores. It was a Sunday morning and as usual Nandini was taking care of the household chores. Nandini placed the laundry basket on her hip and started up the stairs from the basement. It had been a long day already, and she was pleased that this final chore was nearly finished. It only remained to deliver the piles of folded clothes to her son Akash’s room, and then take rest in the master bedroom.

As she passed the open door of her husband Pankaj’s study room, she could see him peering at a spreadsheet on his desktop. She smiled to herself exasperatedly. She had told him it was probably time for him to get reading glasses. Many of his friends had already done so, being in their early forties, but he was so proud of his appearance that he hated to give in.

Still, she knew that he had reason to be somewhat vain. She loved the way his hair framed his long thin face, and his intense eyes never failed to give her shivers deep down, where it counted. She went on by, knowing not to disturb him when he was at his most concentrated. He was never short with her, but she knew she wouldn't get anything out of him more than grunts.

Akash was much the same as his father, she mused as she started to climb the stairs to the second floor. Intense, handsome, the eighteen-year-old had an almost natural ability to concentrate on something that fascinated him. The young mother thought lovingly of her only offspring. He had turned into a really wonderful human being. Not to say that he hadn't had his rough patches; who doesn't, in those difficult teenaged years? But now he had become a genuine, polite, thoughtful person. It was true that he seemed to have some difficulty with getting dates for some reason, but she felt sure he would get over that in time.

Nandini paused on the landing to push her hair back behind an ear. She loved the way her hair looked, and took great care of it. 

Preoccupied with these thoughts, she walked down the second floor hallway to Akash’s room. The door was closed, and as was the custom in the Sharma household, she politely knocked. Not hearing an answer, she knocked again, a little louder, and then turned the doorknob.

The sight that met her eyes burned like a sunflash onto the backs of her eyes. In fact, in later years, she was astonished at how readily she was able to recall even the slightest details of the scene. The room was dark except for the light that emanated from the computer monitor. Akash was sitting in front of the screen with headphones on, from which she could hear a driving beat. His chair hid most of him from her, but his broad shoulders, bare, stuck above the top of the chair. His head was looking intently at the screen, in a strange parody of his father's position one floor down. His right hand was in his lap and seemed to be moving back and forth.

And then the picture on the screen forced its way into her consciousness: there were pictures of Kareena Kapoor in a slutty half sleeves blouse and a thin saree which exposed her navel and cleavage enough to enjoy the view of her breasts popping out, and next to that was Kareena’s mophed picture where she was kneeling on her hands and knees, her behind towards the camera, her face looking back towards the photographer with a mischievous smile playing on her lips. She was only wearing the briefest of panties, merely a string down the valley between her buttocks. And in fact, as could be expected, there was no pretense of covering her various charms. Her anus winked out a deeper pink than the pale skin of the rest of her bottom, and the beginning of her labia could be seen peeking around the little pouch of the g-string. She had her hand next to those pouting lips, one finger slipping underneath the fabric of the panties to tease around her sex. 

With a gasp, Nandini dropped the laundry basket. In the same instant, Akash, sensing the change in the light guiltily grabbed his boxers and pulled them up his legs, vainly attempting to stuff his erection back into concealment. He looked, terribly embarrassed, over his shoulder, and seeing his mother's horrified expression, whipped around and closed the internet browser. He wanted to shrink into a tiny ball.

"Mo-ooo-ommm," he whined, sounding miserably like an immature brat. He heard her grab the basket and slam the door behind her. 'Oh, shit,' the teenager thought, 'why in God's name did that have to happen to me?' His erection had subsided enough, so that he was able to get his boxers the rest of the way up. He got up and lay in his bed, feeling more ashamed than the time he accidentally knocked his Dad's antique pipe collection off of the mantelpiece.

Outside, her heart pounding, his mother leaned against the wall, one hand pressed against her mouth. She knew that nothing could prepare you for the moment you discovered for sure that your child was not only grown, but in fact a member of the sexual human race. In fact, she had known that he had been masturbating for years, because Pankaj had told her.

In fact, the Sharma household was open about a lot of things. Akash had been encouraged to approach either parent with any questions he had about sex or about girls, and he had taken advantage of that trust to discuss things with his mother, his father, or both, that many parents never had the good fortune to be able to clear up with their children. 

That being said, the Sharmas took their privacy very seriously, and parents and son had not seen each other in the nude for years. Nandini still recalled with a pang the moment that Akash had said with intense dignity as a nine year old that he could bathe himself perfectly well, thank you very much. And it had been years before that that she had had to take him to the restroom for the last time. Sure, there were times at the swimming pool, or the beach, where more than the usual amount of skin was seen, but it had never been overlaid with a sense of sexuality.

And now, Nandini Sharma was astonished to realize, the sight of those manly shoulders, broad from his competitive swimming, even in the peculiar light of the computer monitor, had caused a familiar rush of warmth to her center. With an impatient shake of her long hair, she forced her thoughts away from that disturbing reaction, and taking a hold of herself, decided to start separating the laundry in her room.
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"Pankaj, you'll never guess what I saw this evening."

Nandini and her husband were getting ready for bed that night. He was in his pajama bottoms, washing his face, while she sat on the toilet clipping her toenails. She had on a cream blouse and a brown saree. She usually preferred to sleep in her saree. Her hair was falling in front of her face as she bent forward over her left foot.

Pankaj felt a surge of happiness at the fact of this lovely woman in the bathroom with him. It never failed to astonish him that she was spending her life with him. He considered himself to be, on the whole, an average guy. True, he had done well with his business. And yet, when he looked at himself in the mirror, what was there to even remark on? He knew for sure that there had been men far more attractive than he who had been courting Nandini at the same time. And yet she had picked him.

Even now, twenty years after their marriage, she was a beautiful woman. Leaning over her foot, he could see the slim curvature of her hips as the distance between her blouse and petticoat was ample.Also she had worn her saree in such a way revealing most of her navel. She had lost nothing in that time, despite carrying a baby.


Nandini looked up at him in the mirror.

"I accidentally walked in on our son, jerking off," she said. He realized that, despite the joky tone of voice, she was upset about something. He raised his eyebrows at her.

"What did you do?"

"Oh, honey, I don't know," she replied, looking back at her foot, but with the toenail clipper unremembered in her hand. "I think I kind of panicked, really."

"Nandini, you didn't yell at him?"

"No, no, no," she shook her head. "No, I just kind of hightailed it out of there."

"Have you apologized to him?"

Nandini looked up at her husband, immediately understanding what she had failed to comprehend up until now. Her son, her wonderful son. What would he be thinking? How would he take her silent withdrawal?

"Uh, no, not really," she murmured, tears prickling in her eyes.

"Oh, honey," Pankaj said, and she could hear the disappointment in his deep voice. "You've got to go to him and make this right. You can't let him be scarred by this."
Pankaj and Nandini by these years had understood the way of life in the city. Their interaction with other affluent parents made them realise that, their kids are bound to watch porn and there is no way they could stop them. But they cold gain their kids confidence by making them understand that they arent wrong porn or masturbating, its just a way of releasing sexual tension building up in the body.

Thoughts whirled in her head. She had been so preoccupied with her own reactions that she had overlooked how cowardly she had been. She was the adult. She was the one who had to be mature and make things right.

"You're right, of course," she said. "I'll go to him right now." She stood up, and went to kiss her thoughtful husband, who affectionately hugged her. She loved the strong feel of his arms around her, and took courage from his unquestioning support. With a deep breath, she squared her shoulders and walked out of the bathroom.
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Akash had been lying in bed, trying to read. For the last hour, he had been running over the awful scene in his mind, desperately attempting to guess what his mother's expression had meant. Was she angry? That would be all right, really. Much better than disgusted, which was what he really thought she was. He sighed in frustration, realizing he had just read the same paragraph four times over and still had no idea what it said. He had just put the book down when he heard the soft knock at the door.

"Akash?" It was his mother's soft voice outside. Akash looked around to make sure there was nothing embarrassing lying about.

"Uh, yeah, Mom?"

"Can I come in?"

His heart pounding, he made sure the covers were over his lower body, and then answered in the affirmative.

The door opened and his mother came and stood inside the frame, the light from the hallway outlining her form. His heart, which had been racing, seemed to stop short in an instant when he realized she had not draped her saree properly. The pallu of the saree was almost coming off her shoulder and her navel was also visible. It was quite unintentional of Nandini, but it was the eyes of an 18 year old boy watching her.

He had been aware, of course, that his mother was attractive. In fact, many of his friends had commented on it.

"She's stone-cold, dude," Sagar had said after cricket practice when they were being picked up. Akash had punched him hard in the arm.

"That's my Mom, man. Not cool."

"Yeah, whatever, Akash. Just saying, y'know?"

And he had known. It wasn't like he used her in his jerk-off fantasies. No, instead, it was like she was the standard against which he measured other girls. And now, with the light behind her, he realized that in fact she was hotter than any girl he knew in college. Which was crazy, because how could she be when she was like twice their age?

Still, he couldn't help but stare at her slim form, the sweet curve of her hips. And with greater shock, he realized that he was getting a hard-on looking at her.

'Oh, crap,' he thought, 'just what I need. I don't need her to get further disgusted by me.' He couldn't make out her expression because of the backlighting, so he looked away, desperately trying to think of anything else.

Nandini, in her turn, looked at her son, sitting up against the headboard, the covers around his waist. His trim torso was bare again, his shoulders so broad, the muscles so proudly gained. The light from the hallway fell across him, and the hair around his navel that pointed downward glinted. Her eyes were drawn down, inexorably towards his groin, but that area lay in shadows. She pulled herself together and looked up at him just as he glanced away in obvious embarrassment. Her heart tore at the sight of his uncertainty.

"Akash, honey," she ventured softly. "We need to talk."

She didn't sound angry or disgusted. But Akash still felt unsure so he just nodded.

"About what happened earlier," she went on, uncertain in her own right.

"I- I'm sorry, Mom," her son whispered. And with that, her paralysis was broken and she rushed over to the bed to sit down next to him.

"Oh, Akash," she said sorrowfully, "you've got nothing to feel bad about. It's me who should be sorry, not you."

Akash looked up at that. Now in the light from the hall, he could see her expression, the regret in her eyes. Those gorgeous eyes that he had never really noticed before, their startling almond shape. With her hair untied, he could see the vulnerable hollow between her collarbone and her neck. Nothing had ever seemed as sexy to him as that space.

"So, you're not like mad at me or something?"

"Honey, no," she insisted, laying her hand on his leg. The warmth of him jolted her through the thin linens. His thigh felt so strong, so powerful beneath her fingertips. "What you were doing, what you were choosing to do in the privacy of your own room is your business and yours alone."

"But I thought from the way you reacted that maybe you were..."

"What, Akash?" As she urged him to go on, she leaned in slightly, and he found himself looking at her cleavage,which was now visible as the pallu of her saree had fallen away from her shoulder. The shadows of the top of her breasts and the valley between was suddenly fascinating. In fact, the entire shape of her breasts against the soft cotton blouse was entrancing. The two soft mounds were enticingly encased by her blouse, and every curve was neatly delineated.

"Disgusted with me," he whispered, dragging his eyes away from her chest.

"Oh, sweetie," she sighed, rubbing his leg unconsciously with her hand. "I thought you knew that we have no problem with you, uh, touching yourself. Everybody does it, didn't you know?" There was a pause, during which Nandini found herself suddenly aware how high up his leg her hand had ventured. She looked at it in wonder as if to ask how she could have found herself with her hand mere inches away from her son's groin. The proximity caused yet another surge of warmth in her own sex, akin to the one she had experienced earlier that night. Was he wearing anything under those covers?
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She forced herself to pull back, but it seemed like her hand was unwilling even as it slid back down Akash' leg. In fact, she was sliding it back up again, masquerading as a gentle soothing caress. Was she hoping to discover that he was nude beneath the sheet? The thought made her feel warm all over, and to her disgust, she felt the soft cotton blouse rasping across what were unmistakably erect nipples. 

Akash had felt her hand on his leg distantly as he struggled to formulate the question that was burning in his mind. Finally, he jerked his head up to look at her again. She seemed as confused as he did, which was a comfort. His eyes fell once again to her breasts, but this time the smooth contours were interrupted by the outlines of her hard nipples, unconcealed by the thin cotton. The unexpected sight sent confusion through his mind, and his cock twitched beneath the sheets. He looked up once again to find his mother looking directly into his eyes.

"No, Mom," he screwed up his courage to say, "I wasn't worried that you might find my, uh, activity disgusting. I know everybody jerks off." He was sorry he had used the coarser expression, because her eyes widened. "No, instead I thought that you might find what I was looking at disgusting."

Nandini found herself transfixed by her son's intense gaze. It was so similar to his father's look when he was making love to her, that directness, the deep soulful look that stole her heart clear away. And at the same time, she found herself excited at the nearness, the intimacy she had suddenly discovered with her son. She shifted on the bed, an itch between her legs demanding to be satisfied.

"Well, I'll admit, Akash, that it was a shock to see that so out of the blue. I don't know that I understand why you would choose to look at something so..." She trailed off, at a loss for a word that would describe the picture without seeming condemning.

"Awww, Mom," Akash said. "You know, it's just a thing to look at."

"Does that sort of picture, uh, turn you on?" Akash couldn't believe she had just asked that question. How can you go about having a conversation with your mother about what makes you hot? He felt hot all over.

"Y-yeah, I guess so," he stammered. His mother looked at him inscrutably.

"Show it to me again," she finally said. He stared at her. "So I can understand," she went on impatiently.

"O-okay," he said, pulling the covers down so he could get out of the bed.

Nandini was in turmoil. She had no idea where she was going with this. It had surprised even her when she had come out with the suggestion. Her thoughts flashed to Pankaj in the other room, but she pushed that aside. This wasn't inappropriate. She was trying to work through this problem she shared with her son. Still, as Akash pulled down the covers, she found herself looking down at his lap to see if he was excited. But there was no evidence of arousal in his boxers. She stood up with him.

For a second, there was that awkward dance where two people both try to get out of the way in the same direction as each other. The tall teenaged boy and the pretty young mother, both scantily clad, first moved left, and then right before they both giggled. The tension seemed to ease, and Akash took his mother by the shoulders and moved her to the left so that he could slip past her to the computer. Nandini loved the feel of his strong hands on her shoulders, and the composure with which he moved her again kindled that warm feeling within her.

Akash settled himself in front of the computer, astonished at what he was about to share with his Mom, but at the same time kind of excited that she was going to see how grown-up he was. He opened the browser and his fingers typed out the website automatically. In fact, it was one of his favorites because he could see thumbnails of gorgeous girls in (and out of) skimpy bathing suits for free. Sure, you could pay to get inside and see what would surely be much more outrageous pictures, but who needed that when so much was available without paying?
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Nandini leaned over the back of the chair, her hands on her son's shoulders. She still hadnt noticed her pallu was off her shoulder. She couldn't help but gasp slightly as the website opened on the monitor in front of her. The sexy little intake of breath was right next to Akash's ear, and he thrilled at the sound. He moved the mouse down to a picture of Kareena kapoor in a slutty half sleeves blouse and a thin saree he had been jerking off to before and next to that pic was Kareena’s morphed nude picture.

"I think this was the one I was looking at when you... uh, came in before," he said. Nandini nodded, then realized that her movement would not be seen by her son.

"Th- that's right," she murmured. She was a little lost in the moment, her hands on her son's surprisingly muscular frame. She unconsciously rubbed those shoulders. How had her little boy grown so much? Her eyes were locked on the screen as Akash clicked on the thumbnail. Another set of thumbs opened up, showing four sample sets of pictures featuring morphed pictures of Kareena.

"You seem to be a big fan of Kareena," she giggled, nervously.

"Yeah, Mom," Akash replied, his voice amused as well. "I think she is very hot."

A sudden image arose in Akash's mind: his mother in a ludicrously tiny bikini, smiling at him like Kareena’s morphed picture on the website. His cock twitched in his boxers and steadily began to harden. He shifted in the chair, suddenly uncomfortable. He glanced surreptitiously up at his mother's face, but she was looking at the monitor, not at him.
"Which series was the one you were using?"

The question slipped out of her mouth, unthought, unprepared, as so much seemed to be tonight. The acknowledgement of the purpose of these pictures hung in the air. Trying to be reassuring, Nandini leaned into her son's back, slipping her arm around his neck and giving him a warm hug.

Akash felt his head being pulled back into his mother's chest, and then the feeling of her soft breast against the back of his head. 'Oh, crap,' he thought, as his cock, now at full attention, throbbed at the feel of that sweet yielding flesh against him. He dropped his left hand into his lap to try and cover the massive erection. His heart was pounding so hard he was sure his mother would be able to hear it. Glancing quickly down, he realized that his lap was completely in the dark. There was no way she would be able to tell that he had a boner.

Unaware of her effect on her son, Nandini watched with her breath caught as the pictures unfurled across the screen. She was unconscious of the fact that her nipple, still hard, was pressed into the side of her son's head. She leaned slightly forward again as Akash clicked on the first thumb. 
"This wasn't the one I saw," Nandini breathed. Akash turned slightly, and felt his mother's nipple drag across his cheek. Instinctively, as though he were burned, he jerked away, staring at the breast inches away from him.

"Akash?" She looked down at him, and saw how close she was. Gathering herself, she pulled back slightly. She knew she wasn't being inappropriate. She just had to get control over herself. Her hand slipped down the front of her son, coming to rest on his strong left pec. The confused mother knew that she loved the closeness she seemed to be discovering with her son, and disregarded the heat that seemed to be emanating from between her legs. It was only natural, she reassured herself. The pictures were pretty sexy, after all.

"N-no, I guess not." He fumbled with the mouse, then managed to pull up the picture from earlier. He heard his mother gasp again as the shot from behind Kareena filled the screen once more. His cock pulsed again at the sound, and he couldn't help but grasp it with his left hand through his boxers. It felt so sweet to hold it, to squeeze it. His brain was beyond thinking at the moment.

Nandini herself had to push her thighs together at the sight of the nubile girl on her hands and knees. Her fingers rubbed caressingly on her son's chest.

"What is it that you like about this picture?"

Akash stared, lost. His hand on his cock paused in its squeezing. He shook his head, as if to clear the mist from in front of his eyes. His mother's hand on his chest felt so gentle, so loving. He couldn't believe he was looking at a picture like this with his Mom, let alone the fact that he was covertly jerking off while she was draped over his back.

"Uh, that you can see, like, everything?"

"Everything what?" Her voice sounded sultry, breathy, close to his ear.

"Mo-ooom," he whined, frustrated, unsure of what she wanted.

"You can say anything you need to, Akash," she reassured him. Her pussy felt on fire, but she refused to acknowledge her sexual arousal. That would make this wrong, and it wasn't wrong. It was merely helping her son out.

"You can see her thing," he whispered. She chuckled quietly, and ruffled the hair on his head. He had never felt so much like a little boy.

"C'mon, kiddo, don't you know anything else to call it?"

"Her p-pussy," he blurted, amazed at his brazenness.

"That's better," she smiled, and kissed the top of his head. Once again he felt the pressure of her breast against him, but this time, he stayed where he was. She seemed unaware of the intimate contact. "What else?"

"Her asshole," he went on, encouraged. "I like the way it's hidden but you can still see it. It makes it so much hotter, y'know?"

"If you say so, Akash," Nandini replied. She was caught up in the delight of being admitted to her son's secrets, her suppressed arousal lending an addictive edge to the conversation. Without realizing it, she swayed back and forth, allowing her hard nipple to rub against her son's hair. "Does that part of a woman's body turn you on?"

"Yeah, I guess it does," Akash panted, his hand now moving up and down his shaft under the desk. "Is that weird?"

"Not at all, sweetie," his mother replied, her thighs now rubbing back and forth, trying to create extra pressure against her own hot pussy. "Your Dad likes it, too."

Akash's mind whirled at the admission, relieved to know that he was normal, like his father. But also, he was granted a further vision of his mother showing her ass to his Dad. He knew she had a gorgeous one from what he had seen. His cock slipped out of the slit in the front of his boxers, and he sighed as his hand gripped it skin to skin. The head felt enormous, and he spread the pre-cum that was pouring out around his girth.

"I also like the look on her face," he went on, "that look that like tells you that she wants to be fucked."

Nandini shuddered at the sound of that illicit word emanating from her boy's mouth. 'Oh, God,' she thought, 'I need to get back to Pankaj so that he can fuck me...' She was amazed to realize that her panties were sodden between her legs, and she blinked several times.

"Okay, Akash," she said, patting him on the chest. "I think I'm beginning to understand why you wanted to look at these pictures when you were 'taking care of business,' so to speak." She stood up, and noticed his left hand movements under the desk. "I'm going to leave you to it," she went on wryly. "Enjoy yourself, honey."

Akash's mind was in overload. She knew! She knew what he was doing, and it didn't even seem to bother her! He heard the door click closed behind her. His eyes were still looking at the picture on the screen, but all he could see was his mother's face, that amazing body. His cock felt gigantic in his hand as it exploded, his hot cum splashing off the underside of his desk with such force that he was quickly soaked. And as he came down from the amazing orgasm, he recalled the feel of her breast against his cheek, and sighed in wonder.

Pankaj was reading as his wife came into the bedroom.

"How did it go, honey?"

"Oh, Pankaj, I need you so much."

He looked up and saw his beautiful wife. Her cheeks were flushed, her eyes glazed. He took in her hard nipples and the damp spot on the front of her panties. 'Holy shit,' he thought. 'What the fuck just happened?'

Nandini slid off her pallu from her shoulders, undid her petticoat and removed her panties and jumped on him. 'Well,' he thought, 'whatever it was, I know I like the result!' His cock was hard in a second and buried inside of his wife's steaming pussy. She rode him for all she was worth, bucking through what seemed like endless orgasms, until finally he turned her over and started thrusting into her with a passion he never knew he had in him. And when he finally strained deep inside her, cramming every inch of her with his steel erection, and his cum jetted against the furthest walls of her inside, a stray thought passed through him.

'I hope she goes and talks to Akash more often...'
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The golden pink rays of the morning sun fell across Nandini and Pankaj Sharma's bed. Nandini opened her eyes, blinking dreamily, feeling that marvelous relaxed feeling of waking up after having been well fucked the night before. A sense of well-being suffused her, warm as the sunlight on her quilt. She looked lovingly at her husband, still asleep next to her, the covers half off of his back. How satisfying last night had been in so many ways.

She was sure that she had truly helped her son, Akash. She remembered how horrible she had felt when she had thought that she might have done some irreparable damage to his confidence. And all because she hadn't had the foresight when she stumbled on him jerking off to condone his activities. Well, she had made up for that, no doubt.

And then, to have the supreme satisfaction of passionate love-making with her wonderful husband. It all came together to make her feel how fortunate she was, how blessed, to have this family. She sighed, happily arching her back in a stretch, before getting up and putting her feet into her soft slippers. Confused for a second at her lack of clothing, she recalled how she had disrobed the night before with an amused grin. She grabbed a short robe and put it on over her nakedness before venturing downstairs to get the coffee going.

In his room, Akash twisted and turned in his sheets, sweaty and uncomfortable. He had awoken early from a confused dream and had been unable to get back to sleep. Were his memories of last night real? Could he have actually looked at those pictures with his mother? Was it really possible that he had jerked himself off with her right next to him?

If she hadn't been disgusted by what had happened earlier in the evening, how could she help but be disgusted now? The confused and deeply ashamed boy stared up at the ceiling. He was convinced that his mother must think of him as some kind of depraved pervert. And after she had come back to try and help him!

Pankaj Sharma blinked as the alarm shrilled on his bedside table. Stretching luxuriously, he contemplated the blue sky showing through the window. A smile played across his lips as he recalled the hot sex he had enjoyed the night before. God, but his wife had been like a cat in heat, throwing herself on him with a passion he had not experienced in years. He wondered briefly what it was that had brought her to such a state, but part of his mind urged him not to examine it too closely. Be thankful, it whispered slyly. You haven't had it so good in years. And he nodded to himself as he got up to get ready for another day at the office.

By lunchtime, Nandini no longer felt so pleased with everything. Although Pankaj seemed normal and happy when he left for work, giving her a warm kiss and a squeeze of her butt through her robe, Akash had seemed even worse than before. His reaction on seeing her was to blush, turn away and scamper out the door. Despite everything, he was further from her than he had been before she went to visit him last night.

The young woman was definitely confused. She had thought that the two of them had established a level of shared intimacy that was rare among parents and children. Had she not been understanding? Had she not even tried to encourage him in his activities of self-pleasuring?

She had managed to get her hair appointment, and was in the mall after having her bangs trimmed. Walking down the main drag with a bottle of water, her eye was caught by a lingerie store. Without thinking, the pretty mother strolled into the shop. As she browsed among the intimate clothing, her mind returned to the pictures she had looked at last night with her son.

Despite herself, she had to admit that Kareena had looked hot in the skimpy outfit. Would she be able to wear stuff like that? She suspected that she had the body for it, although she had never had the opportunity to compare herself against Kareena. Unconsciously, she drifted towards the table with the g-strings.

She held one up in front of her. There was hardly anything to it, and the coverage seemed impossibly small. She wondered whether she had the guts to wear one of these. At the same time, she thought about how aroused Akash had been by seeing Kareena wear one. Her mind was awhirl, and she felt warm.

"Can I help you with anything?"

The perky voice belonged to an equally perky appearing young saleswoman. Nandini looked at her blankly for a second.

"Uh... I was just looking..."

"These are one of our bestsellers, ma'am," the girl went on, as if Nandini hadn't spoken. She took the one that she had picked up from her hands. "There really isn't another panty like it to make you feel really sexy, y'know?"

"People actually wear these?" Nandini couldn't believe she had blurted this. She sounded so naïve.

"Of course," giggled the girl, who was really very pretty. "I love them, myself. See?" And she hooked a finger into her pants and pulled up a string above the waistband. "Mmmm. Sorry!" But she looked anything but sorry, as she saucily stared at the older woman, and then released the string from her finger. Nandini blinked several times in shock, then coughed and turned back to the display. She was suddenly conscious that her nipples were hard and pushing out against her bra. She had to get away from this girl before she made a complete fool of herself.

"I'll take eight."

"Sure! What size?"

"Small, I think," Nandini blushed.

"I would have guessed x-tra small," the girl said with a wink, and then expertly sifted through the piles selecting different colors and styles. She led the way to the cash register, and within moments Nandini was outside the store holding the lingerie store. Despite her blushing, unconsciously she was thinking how much Akash liked seeing women in underwear just like the ones in the bag.
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Akash Sharma was having a difficult day at college. He couldn't seem to concentrate on anything. He was distracted by the memory of his mother's breast against his cheek, or the sound of her sexy laugh as she left his room last night. This morning had been no help, because when he came downstairs to get some breakfast, she was in the kitchen, dressed in a short thin cotton robe which hugged her every curve.

In fact, the first thing he had seen was her ass, barely covered by the robe, sticking out towards him, as she leaned over the counter reading the paper and sipping her coffee. He had stood there transfixed by the sight until she stood up and looked at him, smiling happily. It was at that moment that he realized that he had a steel-hard erection, and he hightailed it out of there before she could realize how perverted he was.

Now, even surrounded by the pretty college girls, even those girls who had starred in his fantasies every night up to now; now Akash found himself unable to see beauty in any girl. They none of them stacked up against his mother.

"Hi, Akash," trilled Divya Singhal. She was a year behind him, and on the volleyball squad. She leaned up against the locker next to his. She cocked one long leg, her pleated skirt rising up over the muscles of her thigh. With one finger, she twirled her long hair. A few feet away, a knot of other girls giggled together, watching.

In the past, this would have been the cue for Akash to blush, stammer, and completely ruin any chance of meaningful conversation with the hot volleyball player. In fact, this was the sole reason for Divya's approach. It had been a game among her and her friends to see how much they could unsettle the young man. Even though he was pretty cute, in a kind of nerdy way, the girl mused.

But instead, surprisingly, he turned to face her without his usual shyness.

"Hi, Divya," he replied, without the typical tremor in his voice. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing," the girl replied. If he wasn't going to rise to the bait, she would have to apply more pressure. After all, she had friends watching. Trailing a finger up her front, she toyed with a button on her blouse between her full breasts. "Hot today, isn't it?"

"I guess," said Akash, turning his attention back to his books. He hadn't really noticed Divya's maneuver as his mind was still taken up with the picture of his mother leaning over the counter. It was amazing, he realized, that her robe had not slipped up and over her ass, considering how short it was.

His lack of reaction caused Divya's mouth to drop open. That trick always worked, she thought. How could he resist staring? She would have to really turn up the heat. She undid the button and pulled the top of her blouse further apart.

"What are you doing Friday night?"

Akash turned back to her. The way her blouse had gaped open, he could see the lacy strap of her bra over the upper swell of her breast, her tan skin soft and golden. Yesterday, he would have died for such a view. But his mind was still miles away.


Either Akash Sharma was an idiot, or he was a much cooler kid than she had given him credit for. Either way, she was intrigued and wanted to find out more about him.

"What does a girl have to do to get a guy to ask her for a date," she whispered, staring at him with sultry blue eyes.

Akash blinked twice. For the first time that day, his mind slipped off of the image of his mother and refocused on the teen beauty in front of him. Realizing that he was on the brink of something huge, he took all of his courage in his hands. After all, the girl had quite the reputation as the hottest and wildest girl in college. He remembered the stories that surrounded her eighteenth birthday party last month. Of course, he had not been invited. Well, maybe this would make up for it.

"Oh. Is that all? Sure, Divya, you wanna go out with me Friday?" He hoped his tone was as insouciant as he had planned.

"See you at 6:30, my place." She turned and skipped back to her friends, who surrounded her, with much giggling and whispering.

Nandini Sharma had put the bag in her closet without even looking inside. She was not sure that she wanted to know what she had bought. Certainly part of her wanted to try a pair on, but she was scared of what her reaction might be.

She was preparing dinner in the kitchen when she heard her son get home from college. He didn't even stop to say hi, but went right up to his room. She heard the door slam, shaking the whole house. She sighed. It seemed there were still problems that she would have to address. But for the time being, she would let him have some space. Maybe tonight...

Diner was a subdued affair, as each member of the Sharma family was wrapped up in their own thoughts. Akash was thinking about Divya, and about his date with her on Friday night. He had spent the afternoon in his room, staring at his homework, but really worrying about how he was going to manage to stay cool when he was out with one of the hottest girls in the college. He wasn't even sure that he had anything he could talk about with her. Did they have anything in common at all?

Nandini was observing her son, who was clearly obsessing over something. She was worried that it had to do with their conversation the night before. He was not even looking at her. Was he still ashamed over those pictures he was looking at? How could she get him to relax about it?

Pankaj Sharma looked at his wife and his son. He had no idea what was going on. Usually dinner was a talkative affair in his house. But tonight, Nandini looked worried and Akash looked upset. He resolved to talk to Nandini later, but he had a bunch of work he had to take care of before tomorrow.

After dinner, each person went off to their own parts of the house. Pankaj was quickly lost in his work, spreadsheets and data occupying all of his conscious thought. Akash, meanwhile, finished his homework half-heartedly, then dove into a computer game, trying to free his mind. Nandini watched some stupid comedy, then took a long hot bath, still wondering how she was going to get Akash to accept that it was all right to look at whatever he wanted to.

Later, Pankaj wrapped up his work and came upstairs to find Nandini lying on the bed in a bathrobe. Although she had a magazine in her hands, she was clearly not paying any attention to it, as her gaze was off in the distance.

"What's on your mind, Nandini?"

"Oh, Pankaj. I think Akash is still confused about me barging in on him."

"Are you sure?" Pankaj was surprised. He had thought the issue had been resolved the night before. "He certainly seemed preoccupied at dinner."

"I think he's still worried that I think he's disgusting or perverted, or something."

"Do you want me to talk to him?" He wasn't sure how he would go about talking to his son about this. This was a little beyond the old 'birds and bees.'

"No, no. I think it has to be me who talks to him," Nandini replied earnestly. "I'm just not sure how to convince him that I don't mind what he does in the privacy of his own room."

"Well, maybe you have to show him that you're not uptight yourself. After all, we've looked at some pictures together in the past." Pankaj was astonished at what he had said. Was he encouraging something here? But she seemed so sincere in her confusion, so desperate to help their son. Surely nothing too untoward could come of it.

Nandini thought about what her husband had said. Maybe he was right. Maybe it was her fault. After all, she was always so careful about what she wore or about what she said, especially around their son. And had he ever seen them more than politely affectionate with each other? Maybe he had gotten the idea that because his parents were so proper, he wasn't allowed to express his own needs.

"I think perhaps you're right," she said thoughtfully, then came to a decision. She stood up and went to the dresser, where she hunted around and then pulled out a white lacy baby-doll negligee. Pankaj watched her, slightly horrified. Was she really going to wear that? Nandini pulled out the lingerie store bag and found a matching g-string to go with the lingerie. With a shrug of her shoulders, she let the bathrobe fall to the ground. Underneath, she only had a pair of white cotton panties on. These she skimmed off her hips and stepped out of.

Once again, Pankaj was in awe of his wife's beauty. Such sweet curves, such smooth skin. She slipped into the baby-doll, pulling it down over her head. With an economy of motion born of practice, she settled each breast inside of its cup. The hem of the negligee reached perhaps an inch or two below the bottom curves of her ass. Now she held up the g-string, apparently assuring herself that the string was in the back, before daintily stepping into it.

As she pulled the string up and over her ass, Nandini felt it slip sinfully between the cheeks. She tugged lightly at the string, feeling it settle against her anus, rubbing wickedly against the tender skin there. Running a fingernail under the front panel, she situated it as best as possible over her pubic mound. With delight she noted how well it cupped her pussy, the sheer material holding her like a small hand. Unfortunately, the panel was not quite large enough to cover all of her pubic hair, but she figured that in dim light and with the lacy baby-doll covering her, there would be no way for anyone (Akash, her inner voice whispered) to see that.

As she turned to face him, Pankaj gasped in astonishment. His wife was transformed into a siren. She wasn’t wearing the usual saree but had covered herself with a very thin lingerie. Even Pankaj got the rarest of rare opportunities to see her in those lingerie. He got lost in his thoughts for a second and remembered their 5th anniversary when he had gifted her that negligee. He had hoped that it would help spice up their sex life, but Nandini wouldn’t wear those often. Suddenly his mind tricked and snapped out from his thoughts and looked at Nandini. The straps of the baby-doll left much of each breast uncovered, with only a slight lacy cup covering the bottom third. At least the nipple was not in plain sight, he realized, although he wondered how obvious it would be if they were fully aroused. And the front of the gown came up in the middle of the front, revealing a peek at the tiny g-string lewdly outlining her sex. What had he done?

"I think this will show him that I'm not uptight, don't you think?" A saucy smile on her lips, Nandini laughed to herself at her husband's gawking. "Don't you worry, Mister. I'm coming back afterwards, and then you can unwrap me!"

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Akash was sitting in bed, his thoughts on Divya Singhal. The girl was so beautiful, he couldn't believe that he was going on a date with her. That long straight hair, the deep sea-blue eyes, her full lips, usually quirked in a superior smile, the heart-shaped face. Not to mention, of course, the killer body, always displayed to advantage in the sexiest clothes allowable under college rules.

The worst of it was, he had no idea why she had taken the sudden interest in him. Was it just a more elaborate way of yanking his chain? Was he going to show up at her house on Friday and be greeted by a group of jeering teenaged girls?

Or, even more frightening, was she for real?

While he was lost in thought, he heard a knock at his door.

"Akash, can I come in?"

His heart skipped a beat as he suddenly remembered the events of last night. He could hardly believe that it had been only twenty-four hours since his mother had stood behind him while he (he thought) secretly jerked off under the desk. What did she want now?

"Uh, yeah, come on in."

Nandini opened the door, and saw Akash again in the bed, in much the same position as he had been the night before. Once more her heart went out to him. He seemed so vulnerable, so confused. She had to make things right.

If Akash' heart had skipped a beat before, it actually stopped for a second at the sight of his mother in the door. My God, he thought, is she actually wearing what I think she's wearing?

Once again, she was backlit, so he couldn't see her face that well, but the outline of her lithe body shone right through the lacy baby-doll she was wearing. With one hand on the doorframe, she stood on her tiptoes.

"Akash, we need to talk again," she said, sounding a little anxious.

"Uh, sure, Mom," Akash answered. He thought maybe his eyes might pop out of his head as she came across the room and into the light. The skimpy negligee hid next to nothing. Her breasts (he couldn't think of them as tits, it was his mother, after all) swayed provocatively under the white lace of the baby-doll's cups. Her long slim legs were entirely uncovered, and his eyes swept inexorably up their length to where they disappeared under the lacy hem. As she walked, the front slipped back and forth, giving him glimpses of the junction of her thighs where the shadows hid whatever she was wearing underneath.

"Listen, honey," she began, standing next to the bed, looking down at him, "about last night..." Her heart was beating fast, and she fought the urge to put her hands protectively in front of her crotch. She had no idea how much he could see, and it made her uncomfortable, but she controlled herself, holding her hands together behind her back. Tonight was to make Akash understand that everybody had sexual thoughts and desires.

"Uh, Mom, I can explain," Akash began. He was trying to look anywhere but between her legs or at her chest. It wasn't easy, and she certainly wasn't making it any easier as she stood there bouncing on her toes. He felt himself blushing, and he looked down at where his hands were twisting the sheet.

"No, Akash, you don't have to explain anything," his mother broke in. He stole a glance up at her, and saw her smiling nervously. His eyes raked down her body again, taking in the firm breasts, standing with little support, down to that gap in her baby-doll. As she bounced, the light would flick in, and he suddenly saw the little pouch holding her sex. He felt sick as a rush of blood poured into his groin. He knew there was little that would hold him back from getting an erection. And all that protected his embarrassment from his mother was a thin sheet and his boxers. Why couldn't he have worn something tighter tonight?

"What do you mean?" His glance had felt as physical as a caress down her body. She bit her lip as she felt that familiar warmth in her groin. She didn't notice the movement under the sheet that would have belied her son's arousal, caught up as she was in her own.

"This has all been my fault," she said, smiling tentatively. "I think I've been giving you the wrong impression."

"How's that?" Akash felt miserable. He couldn't interpret any of this. What did she mean?

"Look at me, honey." Her heart was flapping like a hummingbird at this point. Was she really inviting her son to examine her in this sexy outfit? He reluctantly lifted his head to look at her, and with the force of those sexy eyes, she felt her nipples hardening under the lacy nothing. She wondered if he would be able to see them, and part of her hoped that he could.

"Do you see me?" Akash nodded. How could he fail to see her? In fact, there were the nubs of her nipples pushing out. Twice in two nights he was afforded the sight of his mother's hard tips under almost no coverage. Was she trying to kill him? But the picture of her, so wholesome, so sexy, so forbidden, was more than his cock could handle, and he leaned forward to hide the tent that had formed in his lap.

"It's okay to look at sexy things, sweetie," she went on, barely aware of what she was saying. She had never felt so on the edge before, as she stood before her son, displaying herself for his appreciation. But he still seemed unsure. "I like to look at sexy things also. It's just that people don't like to admit that women enjoy that stuff also." In fact, she was looking at something sexy right now. His youthful body, coiled in tension on the bed was like a caged beast.

He sat there, looking at her, his eyes bouncing between her face and lower. She reached out a hand and put it on his shoulder, which pulled the baby-doll a little higher on her body. Immediately his gaze shot to that place between her legs, the scrap of fabric of the g-string completely exposed. He gasped as he saw her punic hairs escaping over the top of the panties. Had he been a little more experienced, he might have realized that the panties were damp as well. 

In fact there was a slight whiff of excitement in the air, emanating from her poorly hidden pussy, but both mother and son were unaware. As she touched him, a jolt of excitement passed down her body, and she shuddered slightly. A little spasm had passed through her sex. She was becoming addicted to the feeling of scary eroticism. Akash felt the same excitement, but was confused by it. How could he feel this way about his mother? But his hard cock was quickly taking over.

"Uh, would you like to..." His courage faltered.

"Like what?" Her voice was a little shaky. He glanced down. "It's okay, Akash," she whispered. "Whatever you want..."

"Like to look at more with me?" He couldn't stand to look at her in case she rejected him.

"Of course," she replied excitedly. "I would like nothing more, honey." He looked up now, surprised, happy, and her heart bounded at the happiness on his face. But then his face fell as he realized that so much open space stood between him and the computer, and his cock would be too obvious.

"Y-you've got to turn around, Mom," he faltered. She giggled and spun around. With the movement the hem of the baby-doll flipped up. Her ass was momentarily exposed to him, and he gasped at the glimpsed perfection of it, the two cheeks completely uncovered, the little string nestled between them. His cock jerked as a pulse of pre-cum leaked out. He pulled the sheet aside and hopped to the computer chair. With her back still to him, he arranged himself so that his shaft stuck out of his boxers.

"Okay, Mom," he said, and she spun around again, to stand behind the chair. She leaned over his shoulder again, resting against the back of his head. She hugged him lightly from behind, her arms on his naked chest again. She craved the feel of his young muscles, and she caressed lightly over them. The boy closed his eyes as he felt her firm breasts again against his head. He leaned back into them unconsciously.
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In seconds he had another website of bikini girls up on the screen. Together the mother and son looked at pictures of sweet young things in skimpy bathing suits. Akash furtively stroked his cock under the desk. Nandini was at first unaware of his activity, caught up as she was in looking at the beautiful women.

"What do you like about this one?" They were looking at a girl in a slingshot style bikini. The straps were barely large enough to cover her nipples, and the patch covering her pubic mound came only high enough to keep her labia out of sight. In fact, there was a suggestion of the beginning of her cleft at the top. Her long blonde hair framed her pretty face.

"Uh," he gasped, "I like the way her boobs stick out all around the top." Nandini glanced down and saw his hand moving in his lap. She grinned, leaning forward a little more. She felt the side of her own breast pushing into his cheek, and left it there naughtily. She pulled one hand from his chest and slipped it down over her panties, pushing in against her swollen lips.

"C'mon, honey," she murmured, "'boobs' is such a silly word..."

Akash turned slightly and felt her slip across his cheek. With a start, he felt the hardness of her nipple against the corner of his lips. It burned through the lace, hot against his sensitive mouth. His cock jerked in his hand, a fresh stream of pre-cum erupting over his hand. He held still, as he spasmed involuntarily in his grasp. He was loving this feeling and didn't want it to end too soon.

"Would you rather I said 'tits'?" He felt so bold saying the word to his mother, but the situation seemed to call for it. The pretty mother shook as she felt the vibrations of his speaking in her breast, and pressed harder on her clit.

"Mmmmm," she moaned. "That seems more like it, Akash. Let's see the next picture!"

He clicked on the forward arrow, and the next picture loaded up. In this one, the blonde was sitting down with her legs spread wide, the thong of the slingshot slipped to one side of her completely shaved pussy. One nipple had escaped the capture of the swimsuit as well. The two gasped together. Akash' hand had started again, now making slick sounds with its movement on his cock. He kept his face turned slightly, enjoying the feeling of his mother's nipple on his mouth. He wanted to reach out and lick it or nip it with his lips, but didn't dare take that step.

"Ohhh," the aroused woman sighed as her finger circled her hard clit through the little g-string which was completely soaked by this point. "What turns you on in this picture?"

"She's so fucking into it, Mom," he cried, his mounting excitement causing him to throw all caution to the wind.

"How can you tell, honey?"

"The way her pussy is so wide open... and her nips are sooo hard." This said almost directly into her tit. She pushed against him, and felt her lace-clad nipple push between his lips, but still he refrained from any active move.

"Do you like it that she has no hair down there?"

"Oh God, Mom," he moaned. "It's pretty damned sexy, yeah. But I prefer it when women keep a little hair on their pussy." His hand was moving quickly on his cock now, his other hand holding his balls. The situation was so wild, he was panting.

"Yeah, honey? How much hair?" The mother was equally out of control here, one finger now inside of her, wetly slipping in and out of her steaming pussy.

"I like seeing the lips, so there should be no hair there, right?"

"Uh-huh." She was hanging on his every word. He had such strong opinions. She loved his confidence.

"And then there should be just a small patch of hair above, just so you know she's really a woman, y'know?"

Every word caused his lips to move around her nipple. She had never felt such constant thrills from her breasts before this. It was like there was a direct electrical connection between her nipple and her cunt. 'Cunt.' She liked the sound of that.

"So you like to see her cunt clearly, huh?"

The shock of that word coming from his mother's mouth caused Akash to jet over the edge into orgasm. With spasms throughout his body, the cum surged up his cock and splashed wetly against the desk. With each jerk, Nandini felt him push against her, until the chair slipped back and the last rope of jism shot from his cock. With a splat the white liquid landed across his abdomen and chest, one drop landing square on the back of his mother's hand. It was like a drop of burning lead on her sensitive skin. She held her son through his forceful orgasm, soothing him with caresses on his chest.

He felt completely drained, and oddly pleased with himself. He barely felt her withdraw her hand from his chest and her breast from the side of his face. With a kiss on the top his head, she stepped away.

"That was lovely, sweetie," she whispered as she stepped out.

Outside the room, she closed the door, then leaned shaking against the wall. She regarded the drop of white cum on her hand. Slowly, inevitably, she brought her hand up to her mouth. She put the other hand inside her panties and swirled a finger around her clit as her tongue reached out and lapped up the still hot fluid. Savoring the mildly bitter flavor on her tongue she shuddered in a silent orgasm.

Taking a deep breath, she turned and went back to her bedroom and her waiting husband.

Pankaj had sat in the bedroom, trying not to think about how he had sent his lovely wife into their son's room wearing a skimpy outfit. He tried not to imagine what the two might be getting up to down the hall. He desperately tried not to imagine his wife in the embrace of his son, and yet the whole time he sat with a throbbing erection, casually stroking himself.

And when she came back into the room, looking if possible hotter than she had the night before; when he saw her flushed face, wisps of her gleaming long hair; when he took in the way her nipples were hard as ice chips; when he noticed the way her g-string was pushed down her hips, the patch loose in front of her mound; in fact, when she pushed that brief scrap of fabric over her hips and he saw the red arousal of her pussy, he lost it entirely.

Leaping to his feet, he pushed her head down into the bed. With a cry, he thrust himself deep inside her from behind. The heat of her was like a furnace around his equally hot cock. His pistoning in and out was met with his wife's perfect ass pushing out against him. Each thrust was accompanied by grunts from both of them.

"Oh, FUCK me, fuck me harder, Pankaj!!!"

Her scream was primal, his fucking animalistic. And when his eruption occurred it was a white-hot lance of lava from deep within him, and he unleashed it on her like a punishment. And bless her, she took it all into her own depths with a hiss of delight.

God, how he loved her.
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