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Rahul waved his phone at us and asked so are you doing this my way or just let me upload it. We started getting out of our clothes. We removed all our clothes one by one. Mom and Neenu were troubling to get out there tight clothes. Mom took off her single dress. She actually was not wearing any bra.

Rahul noticed this and laughed. Finally, we all removed our clothes. Mom and Neenu were trying to cover their assets with their hand. He told Neenu and mom to undress him. They started by unbuttoning his shirt. Then they unzipped his pants and removed it. He was in his blue color underwear.

His dick was standing erect and was trying to burst out of his underwear. He signaled at mom to remove his underwear. When she tried to pull down his underwear, Ravi told her, “Why don’t you do it as you did for your son yesterday?” Mom looked at him for a second. He insisted her to continue.

She bent down on her knees and bit on the tip of his underwear and pulled it down. Rahul’s dick slid on her face. She finally removed it. I noticed his dick. His dick was about 8-inch. But that was not the thing. It was so thick. I have a 7-inch cock and Ravi had an 8-inch one. But none of ours was that thick.

I looked at Rahul. He was in his 40s, but well built. Moderately fair but still dark. He made mom hold her face close to his dick and made her smell it. Mom was trying to slide away. Rahul told me and Ravi to go lay on the bed. He then asked Neenu to sit on my face with her pussy at my mouth and mom to do the same on Ravi.

We all did the same. He then asked us to start licking them in the pussy. He came and stood between mom and Neenu with his monster dick waving at them. He made both of them hold his dick with their hand. Neenu was staring at the dick looking afraid.

Rahul then held on both mom’s and Neenu’s hair with his hand and pushed them to his dick and rubbed it on their faces. Mom and Neenu started licking his dick slowly. He pushed it into mom’s mouth. She sucked on top of his cock. He was pushing it deep into her mouth. Mom was choking on his dick.

He deeply pushed mom’s head to his dick. She finally took it in completely. He slowly took it out and tried to push it into Neenu’s mouth now. His dick was so thick. She was not able to swallow it. After some tries, Neenu still couldn’t take it in. He was folding both their boobs with his hands.

He kept pinching on their nipples hard like he was trying to milk them. They both were shouting in pain. Meanwhile, after licking Neenu’s pussy for some time now, she was getting wet. I think the same was happening with mom. I could see her shivering sometimes.

Even though Rahul was pushing his dick into Neenu’s mouth she still couldn’t take his dick in completely. She was choking. He pulled his dick out and again pushed it into mom’s mouth. And started moving mom’s head to And forth. She was sucking it but with force from Rahul.

He made Neenu suck his balls. Rahul was screaming with happiness. Mom and Neenu kept caring his dick some more time. He finally cum a lot on both of their faces. Some cum from Neenu’s tongue drooled on my face while I was licking her pussy. It had a nasty smell, but I think Neenu was liking it.

I don’t know why but it was a beautiful view. Mom and Neenu creaming a complete stranger. I and Ravi were still licking their pussy. Rahul, with his fingers, wiped the cum off mom’s face and wiped it on mom’s lips. But mom was still resisting him a bit. She didn’t completely fall for him.

I looked at Neenu. She was kind of enjoying it. I was happy to have such a slutty girlfriend. My perfect bitch. I think mom was not ready to open up like that. Me, Neenu, Ravi and mom. That was her idea. She was okay with that scene. She was still not ready to open up like that for a complete stranger.

She was looking at Rahul in a disgusting manner. I think she didn’t like him. I had no idea why. Rahul saw what was happening. He slid his finger into Neenu’s mouth. She bit on his fingers with a kinky smile. He understood mom was not still on to him.

He was furious and walked to the hallway naked and came back with a box. He told all of us to get up. He looked at mom and said.

Rahul: You lady, why are you still mad. You don’t like me.

Mom: You are forcing us to do this. This is blackmail. I don’t like being used like that.

Rahul: Oh, so you are fine with all the others and not with me.

Mom didn’t reply anything for that. She kept looking down.
Rahul: Let me see about that.
Saying this he started opening that box he brought with him. He took out a thing. It looked like a dick.

Neenu whispered in my ear, “I think it’s a vibrator.” Rahul pressed a button on that thing and the head part of that thing was rotating. It was more like a rotating dick. Rahul then pushed mom to the bed and made her keep her legs wide open. Mom’s pussy was already bit wet with all the licking Ravi gave her.

Rahul started his vibrator and started rubbing it on mom’s pussy. He kept rubbing it on her clitoris. He would separate her pussy lips and would keep the vibrator pressed to her pussy. He always made sure that he wouldn’t push it into her pussy. Even though she was trying to resist her feelings, she couldn’t control her body.

Mom still lay there with her mouth shut. But she was moving her body all around. She was taking deep breaths. She was raising her chest region upwards. Rahul knew mom was still resisting him. He instructed me and Ravi to suck on mom’s nipples. We looked at mom.

We knew she was trying to resist her feelings. But occasionally a small moan would slip out of her mouth. We started licking her nipples. Ravi was squeezing her a lot. I was slowly sucking her nipples passionately on the other end. Neenu was looking and staring at all this.

Rahul asked her to kiss mom on her navel. Neenu was pleased to get some work. She bent down and was kissing madly on mom’s belly. She slowly dipped her tongue into mom’s navel and kept rotating her tongue inside her navel. She was occasionally spitting her saliva into mom’s navel.

She sucked it deep into her mouth. Mom would raise her belly each time with excitement when she did this. Rahul with his other hand started to rub on Neenu’s ass. He would push his finger into her pussy from the back. He was rubbing Neenu’s pussy also after some time.

Rahul now increased two levels of speed on that vibrator. I could hear the sound of that vibrator slapping on mom’s pussy. Rahul at times will slow it down for some time and then again increased the speed. He kept on doing it for some time. Mom now couldn’t control the pressure.

Me and Ravi’s was sucking her boobs, then Neenu on her belly button. And Rahul with his vibrator on her pussy. Rahul was cunningly trying to avoid mom getting an orgasm. Whenever her body tried to wiggle in shock or when he feels mom was going to get an orgasm, he would stop or slow down the vibrator.

Mom’s pussy was so wet. It was flowing out like a river down from her. Her juices were flowing down and were wetting the bed sheets. The was a large circle of stain on the sheets which was under her pussy. Mom was going nuts. She couldn’t handle the torture. She was biting her lips.

She was on the verge and still trying to control and keep it down. Rahul then started a new exercise. He would increase the speed of the vibrator to the maximum. He would rub on her pussy for some time and stop it suddenly. Rahul kept doing this two or three times now.

This drove mom nuts. She couldn’t control anymore. She was so wet and needed something more. A loud moan escaped from her mouth. Her moanings were increasing and occasionally turning to screams.

Rahul: Oh what happened. Do you want something more?

He kept playing with her pussy like that and started asking mom whether she needs anything more. Mom was losing it. She hit bottom, trying to control herself. From then on when Rahul started asked whether she needs some more, she started giving out some sounds like, “Hmmm, aaaah, hmmm.”

Finally, she answered yes. Rahul still continued to torture Mom with his tricks and made sure she didn’t cum. He started to ask her, “What do you need bitch?” Mom kept saying, ” Please stop this. Please.” I and Ravi were so excited. We both kept rubbing our dicks. Neenu was rubbing herself.

Rahul: Oh you want me to stop. Do you.

Mom: Please stop torturing me. Please

Rahul: Then what do you need you slut. Do you want me to fuck you, do you want my cock inside you?

Mom: Yeah, please stop doing this.

Rahul: You say it loud slut, do you want my cock or not, or I will keep on doing this.

Mom finally screamed,” Yeah, I need your cock inside me, yes please fuck me. Please.”

Rahul: Then promise me, you will be my bitch, say it loud that you will do whatever I ask

Mom: Please stop doing this. Yeah, I will do anything you ask, I am your bitch.

Rahul kept doing this for some more time and mom was begging him to fuck her. Rahul then asked me, Ravi and Neenu to stop and move to the side. Rahul kept the vibrator away. Mom’s pussy was so red and wet. She needed something inside her. Mom was sweating a lot. Her nipples were so erect.

Rahul slowly took his dick in his hand and rubbed it on mom’s pussy lips. Mom kept her legs wide open, inviting him to fuck her. He was again playing with her. He then slowly pushed his dick into her. Even though his dick was so thick, mom’s wet pussy took it completely it in.

He slowly started to move his dick inside and outside of her pussy. Mom was screaming, “Please, no more games, please, please do it faster.” Rahul pulled mom to him by holding her hips and pushed his cock deep into her. Mom was moaning so loudly.

Rahul then lay on mom’s top and kissed her lips and kept fucking her in the missionary position. Mom locked her legs on Rahul’s hips and was pulling him close to her. She was rubbing on Rahul’s back with her fingers with her nails trying to tear his skin.

There were red scratch marks all over on Rahul’s back due to mom’s nails. Rahul kept fucking mom hard and mom finally cummed with a loud moan. She was finally relieved and was panting. But Rahul kept pushing his dick deep into her. After one orgasm, mom was getting excited again.

Rahul rolled over with mom with his dick still in her pussy. Now, mom was on the top. Rahul was still moving his ass up and down and fucking mom. Mom was also moving with him in rhythm. I couldn’t resist anymore. I was so horny seeing Rahul seducing my mom like that.

I slowly went and kissed on mom’s ass. I kept my tongue out in a way that when mom was moving up and down her asshole kept sliding to my dick. Occasionally Rahul’s balls were slapping on my face when I was licking mom’s ass. Rahul signaled at Neenu to come and sit on his face.

Neenu went and kissed on Rahul’s face and sat on his face with her pussy to his face. Neenu was rubbing her pussy on Rahul’s face and he was licking her like a mad dog. Now Ravi came near Neenu. She slowly took his dick with her hand and started to milk him. She started giving him a blowjob.

I was still licking mom’s ass. I slowly separated her ass cheeks and pushed my dick into her ass. Mom was screaming so loudly. I think Her scream could be heard even outside the cottage. But after some strokes mom was taking it in. She had both her holes filled.

Slowly, me, Rahul and mom started to move in a rhythm. My balls were tapping on Rahul’s balls. I looked at my slutty mom. She is a real bitch, taking in two dicks at the same time. I and Rahul started to move faster. We kept fucking mom in both holes like that for some time.

We both finally cummed into moms both holes. Our cum filled her holes and was flowing out. Well got up. Neenu was still sucking Ravi’s cock. Rahul pulled her to us and asked her to clean Rahul’s and my dick. She started licking them clean. Mom was lying on the bed so tired.

Ravi took this as an opportunity. He went and pushed his dick into mom’s pussy and started fucking her. Mom’s pussy was already loaded with our cum. When Ravi pushed his dick into mom’s pussy our cum started flowing out of her pussy. Ravi was so excited all this time.

So that he was fucking very fast. After a few minutes, he and mom finally cummed. Ravi fell on mom’s top and lay with her like that. Neenu was still licking clean mine and Rahul’s cocks. Rahul’s cock was erect Even after all this time. Neenu during all this time still didn’t have an orgasm.

She lay down on the bed, and waved with her fingers to Rahul’s, asking him to come to her. Rahul jumped on top of her and started fucking her. I went playing with her huge chocolate colored boobs for some time. I squeezed her boobs and started rubbing my dick between her boobs.

Neenu was starting to like all the attention she was getting. She finally had an orgasm. Rahul also cummed into pussy after some time. I kept fucking her boobs for some time and shot a fresh load of cum on her face. She wiped all of it with her fingers and drank it. We all were tired. I went and lay near Neenu.

She gave me a tight hug. We both slept like that. Others also were tired and slept after some time. In the morning when I woke up, Neenu was still sleeping on my hands. I looked at mom. She was lying there sleeping on the side, naked between Ravi and Rahul. I could see both their dicks pressed tightly against mom’s pussy and ass.

Rahul’s dick was placed between mom’s ass cheeks. I think he slept like that. I know our lives would be so different and exciting after this. I slept for some more time. We all woke up very late and cleaned our selves. Mom had trouble walking due to all the banging she got yesterday.

After sometime Rahul came and promised us that he has deleted all the copies. He then gave a pen drive to mom and told her that this is the last copy. He would like her to have it. We all got ready and packed our bags into the car. Rahul gave a tight kiss on mom’s lips before we left.

We drove to our home town after that. Throughout my vacation, me, mom, Neenu and Ravi had an awesome time. We had so much fun together. Ravi and Neenu were staying at our home most of the time. Mom and Neenu walking naked around the house were a common sight.

After one month I went back to college. Mom, Neenu and Ravi were continuing their adventures.
Preeti’s mistaken identity…or was it? 

[Image: 11781668-850530335054130-5826612210249094563-n.jpg]

The house was crowded with relatives, neighbors, colleagues and more. It was rather unusual for him to celebrate and throw a party and a break from the monotony in the height of summer -- when there are no vacations -- ensured that the party was well attended.

Everyone was having a great time and Preeti was the perfect host -- naturally playing the host, coordinator, micromanager and the heart of the party. Easy on the eyes and hard on men's dicks, seeing Preeti and getting turned on by her was reason enough for many of her husband's colleagues to have attended the party. They hadn't seen her since her marriage because she had quit her job soon after. Now, even after a child, Preeti hadn't lost her sexual magnetism.

"So far so good" she said to her husband as they got together in the kitchen to replenish the snacks and drinks for the crowd outside.

"I told you it would be alright" he replied.

"That doesn't make it smart to have planned a party in peak summer"

"Topping the state is not a mean achievement Preeti. Think of the hardships Kunal's had to overcome to achieve this. No parents and working to fund his education and still topping the state, a party is the least we could have given him."

"I totally agree. He totally deserves this and more."

"Today's Kunal's day. He should get whatever he wants."

"No doubt at all. He's a good boy. Very mature for a 20-year-old. Good looks, kind heart, talent and hard work is not a common combination."

"You almost sound like you are smitten by him Preeti."

"Do I sense jealousy here?"

"Ha ha ha...I am just messing with you."

"Won't be such a bad idea actually. He IS handsome." she said naughtily, teasing her husband.

"See, you get to fantasize about and flirt with your 20-year-old in public and before your husband. This party WAS a good idea after all."

"Maybe so." she said, rolling her large, beautiful eyes, "But think of the practicality na? Even with the fans and a/c, you see how hot it is out there. We're lucky the electricity has stayed today."

"I was secretly hoping we would lose electricity" he said with a wicked glint in his eyes.

"Why would you even think that!?!?"

"Well, you and I could have got naughty in the dark and no one would be the wiser, he he he"

"My God! You are wicked!! Feeling extra horny today?" she said eyes going wide in shock and slapping her husband's arm in mock anger.

"Don't tell me the idea doesn't turn you on... fucking next door to a crowd without anyone knowing what we are up to."

"Well, just for that, you better stay up all night making me happy" she replied blushing.
[Image: ot1wbXH.jpg]

"Deal" he said smiling and kissing his wife's cheek as he took a few bottles out to the waiting crowd outside.
Dressed in a see-through white saree, worn low on her waist and a backless blouse with a plunging neckline, Priya had turned on the heat today, making heads turn and men squirm trying to hide their cocks stirring in their pants. Her husband had watched her, and the eyes of every man following his wife, mentally undressing her and perhaps more. He was totally turned on himself and couldn’t wait to take her to bed after the party.

Being the object of men’s lust and desire wasn’t new to Preeti. She had turned heads from the time puberty had transformed her into a sexy and well-endowed woman in her teenage. She enjoyed the attention and the unadulterated lust she saw in most men’s eyes. Large, talkative eyes beneath perfectly arched eyebrows; high cheek bones that came alive when she smiled; full, soft lips that were usually moist because of her habit of frequently licking them, a hint of a dimple in one cheek and the traditional looking face embraced by a shock of long flowing her – that was just her face. Her body was equally alluring with naturally full, soft breasts with hard and erect nipples at their peak, a high navel that she loved to show off in low-hip dresses and sarees, curvy hips that gave her an hour-glass figure. She was the kind of woman most men dream of.

Even at work, where she had met and decided to marry her husband, she knew she was the object of desire. She had tried a few of their dicks – from her boss, to the gardener, the attender who served tea, to a few of her colleagues – before settling for Mr Right Fit, her husband. The memory made her smile, especially since all of the guys from work she’d fucked were next door in the living room.
[Image: 0KysBgQ.jpg]

Marriage, and then a child, had led her lifestyle to be more conservative and responsible. Today was a rare opportunity for her to flaunt her looks and assets and relive the pre-marriage life, and she had gone all out to turn on her sexy charm – from clothes and make up, to hairdo and perfume. “FUCK ME” every inch of her seemed to be screaming today and the men in the party would have readily obliged, none more than her husband.

Getting more ice out of the fridge, she had just filled up the ice-bucket, when it happened. A collective groan erupted in the packed living room as the electricity went out. Soon there was talk of calling the electricity office and someone got busy on the phone. Someone else offered to check the fuse and circuit breakers. Some turned on the flashlight on their cell phones for light. She heard her husband talk about checking on her and the electricity. Preeti smiled. Surely he wouldn’t dare! Not when there were so many friends and relatives right next door.

“Click” she heard the kitchen door close behind him and took a sharp breath of anticipation.

In the pitch darkness, she could barely discern the sound of movement behind her and his silent footsteps. Her heart raced as she felt him approach her. A few seconds later, he was moving her hair aside and kissing her neck. She felt his tongue on her neck and shoulder adding to the summer heat, making her close her eyes and sigh.

His hand reached across her hip and caressed her belly. A finger probed her navel before he squeezed, his teeth biting into her neck at the same time. She bit her lip to keep from moaning out loud, fully aware that they were barely a few feet away from almost everyone they knew. Just the thought of fucking -- hidden in plain sight -- sent shivers through her body. She felt his hands slide between her legs over her saree and cup her pussy. She clamped her legs, locking his hand in place. He rubbed and squeezed her. She felt his hardness poke against the small of her back as he pressed himself against her.

He was going to do it! As much as he liked to make suggestive comments, she didn’t think he would have the guts to go through with something as brazen as fucking her in a party-house full of people. It must be the effect of the extra effort she had taken to make herself look her seductive, sexy best today. She felt moisture gush to her pussy in anticipation. Don’t stop now, she thought, please don’t chicken out and stop.

[Image: gg1.jpg]

Almost as if he heard her thoughts, he pulled the pallu off her shoulder and let it drop. Taking his time to untie her blouse with his teeth, he finally pushed the strings aside and let her blouse fall off her shoulders. Bending her forward across the kitchen table, he licked and kissed her back, from the base of her neck to almost her ass-crack, pulling her saree down as far as it would go.

Turning her around, he made her lay on her back while he kissed and licked her belly. His tongue probing her while his hands cupped her breasts and squeezed.

“aaaaahhhhhhh” she couldn’t help moan.

“shhhhhhhhh” he whispered into her belly.

“I didn’t think you’d do it” she whispered back, pressing his face into her stomach as his tongue probed inside her belly-button.

[Image: nt7.jpg]
Reaching across the table, he grabbed a few ice cubes and let them drop on her belly making her squirm before he licked the melting water from her belly and navel.

After a few minutes of arousing her by showering her body with kisses and licks, and sending shivers through her with ice cubes, he stood. Holding her hand, he made her stand before proceeding to strip her saree.

“You don’t expect me to get naked” she whispered, reaching down to stroke his hardness, “what if the electricity returns?”

“They’d love to see you naked I am sure” he whispered, pulling her blouse off and exposing her naked breasts.

“Are you crazy?” she whispered alarmed and instinctively covering her boobs with her arms

“Yes I am….crazy about you” he said moving her arms apart and pecking and loving kiss and lick on each of her perky hard nipples.

“I want you NOW” he whispered untying her petticoat and caressing her hip, "and I want you NAKED."

“I want you too!” she replied, in a whispered moan, "take me".

Pulling her petticoat down, he let it drop to the floor. Dressed only in her panties now, he cursed the darkness because he couldn’t see her body, just feel it. He slid his hand between her legs, caressing her thighs. By now, she had undone the button of his pants and unzipped it. She grabbed his cock over his underwear, just as his hand reached her pussy and he squeezed over her already-wet panties.

“wow! You’re wet” he whispered.

“and you’re hard” she half-whispered and half-giggled, stroking him.

Laying her back, he ran an ice cube all along the edge of her panties, kissing her pussy mound and licking all along her camel toe, making her arch her back and thrust her pussy into his mouth.

Eventually, they pulled each-others’ underwear down simultaneously. His coming down enough to release his shaft and hers coming off completely and finding their way into his trouser pocket – a souvenir soaked I n Preeti’s juices. Preeti was completely naked and he was going to fuck her next door to a crowd!

[Image: 5cBbQ47.jpg]

Bending forward, he took a nipple in his mouth and entered her with two fingers. She spread her legs wider as he started fucking her hard with his fingers and sucked her tit hungrily. In response, she stroked his cock harder.

She let his cock go when he moved in between her legs. She felt his hardness against her thighs before she felt it press against her opening. He kissed her lips and his tongue explored her mouth, caressing her perfect teeth before finding her tongue and taking in her saliva. He ate her mouth hungrily, sucking her tongue and biting her lips.

Her raw desire and need took over, making all thoughts of the people across the wall fade away when his hardness entered her and he shoved himself into her dripping wet pussy. There was an urgency to his need as he thrust himself all the way into her, immediately starting to pound her hard. Reaching around her naked butt, he grabbed it, pulling her into his urgent thrusts and sliding his fingers into her butt-crack and probing her butt-hole.

She threw her head back and let him take her – his hardness filling her as he hammered into her and his mouth and tongue making her quiver as he sucked one nipple and then the other.

“Oh god yes…..” she moaned as she felt an orgasm approach, “yes, yes yes.”

Encouraged, he drilled her even faster and deeper, shoving himself as deep inside her as he could with each thrust.

[Image: ju.jpg]
The electricity returned just as she closed her eyes and surrendered to her orgasm, her body shaking as she came. He held himself buried deep inside her, letting her orgasm pass, admiring her flushed, content face as she enjoyed her orgasm completely, eyes closed and mouth opened in a silent scream.

She half-screamed and half-whispered, when she opened her eyes, seeing him. He just smiled back, resuming his thrusts inside her with an animal like intensity.

“Stop it Kunal”, she said in a shocked whisper, breathless. “What are you doing?” She turned to the door to make sure it was closed and others couldn’t see her naked, getting fucked by her 20 year old neighbor.

“Taking my prize” he whispered back, raw lust in his eyes as he pounded away, holding her to him.

“Noooo...stop” she tried pushing him back, “what if someone comes in? The electricity is back!!”

“You don't mean that...I know you want it! Please Preeti Didi”, he begged in a whisper, “let me fuck you just a couple minutes more...I am about to cum.”

“Oh god!!!!” she groaned under her breath, unable to pull away or stop him.

“Yes didi, oh yes didi, I am about to cum in you didi” he moaned into her ear in a whisper, as she grabbed his butt and enjoyed the moment, waiting for the inevitable.
[Image: 11880235-1482972925350868-1331459915-n.jpg]

“Oh didi…..FUCK…YESSSSSSS!!!!!!” he moaned as he stiffened and shot his load into her.

He was still buried inside her, spent, kissing her mouth hungrily, when her husband opened the door. Transfixed, he stared at his wife -- stark naked -- kissing Kunal hungrily, her legs wrapped around him holding him pressed between her legs as he slowly moved in and out of her. Her clothes lay scattered on the kitchen floor while she fucked their neighbor.

Shocked, he silently closed the door, not wanting to make a scene and returned to the party.


After the party ended, while fucking his wife wildly in bed and pounding her pussy, he asked her…

“Did you have fun?”

“Oh yes” she replied remembering Kunal and cumming in a massive orgasm around her husband’s shaft.

He remembered his words from earlier that day, "Today's Kunal's day. He should get whatever he wants."

As he came in his wife, he couldn’t help wonder, whether it was genuine mistaken identity in the darkness or whether Preeti know who was fucking her all along.

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Stories are nice.
All are copied from xossip.
Stories are very good but all pics are changed.
Aur majha aayega jab pic real girls ki hi hogi to
(19-03-2019, 05:20 PM)Urvashi_Didi_pussy_lover Wrote: Stories are nice.
All are copied from xossip.
Stories are very good but all pics are changed.
Aur majha aayega jab pic real girls ki hi hogi to

kon si story best lagi?

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