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Let's Play the PC Games
Hello everybody!!

I am going to start this new thread for PC Games like COD & lot of others. There will be safe direct links to download the games in parts without any bandwidth issue or download speed limitations

All links will pass through URL shortner, Right now I don't know its allowed here or not. So attaching the one short link for test purpose only.

Search Tool

(Don't worry, You will be directed to most famous internet search site only. If you guys click it then I will get to know it works or not. So please do it)

Let me know who is interested. If I find the positive replies then its going to be started
[Image: video-game-collage-by-supersaiyanriley-d...llview.jpg]
Im at 5 min now.

Not too hard to count, just look at your last post and the one after it.

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