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[Image: 9441.jpg]

Core Strength Training - The Complete Step-by-step Guide to a Stronger Body and Better Posture for Men and Women
by DK
English | 226 pages | PDF | 35.7 MB

The step-by-step guide to building a stronger body

Improve your physique, posture and power with Core Strength Training, a practical, no-nonsense guide suitable for everyone from complete beginners to fitness fanatics. 150 step-by-step exercises are demonstrated with clear diagrams and artworks showing you exactly what to do and which muscle groups you are using. Plus hints and tips help you perfect your technique and perform each movement correctly and safely.

Pick the exercise routine that works for you from a wide range of specially designed programmes so whether you're looking to improve core-strength for your golf swing, increase your power in combat sports or improve your posture post-pregnancy, you'll find the programme for you. Variations are also included so exercises can be adapted to suit your ability and experience.

Core Strength Training gives you everything you need to build a stronger body and get the very best results from your work-outs.

[Image: 9445.jpg]

Essential Strength Training Skills - Key Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Physique
by DK Publishing
English | 178 pages | PDF | 15.6 MB

Whether you've been weight training for years or are newly interested in getting toned, Essential Strength Training Skills offers advice ideal for both beginners and seasoned veterans.

Providing clear and accessible exercise tips that can help anyone get into peak physical condition, Essential Strength Training Skills is perfect for all ages and skill levels, an will help you improve your game, your technique, and your creativity.

[Image: 9449.jpg]

Managing People (DK Essential Managers)
by Robert Heller
English | 74 pages | PDF | 1.20 MB

This book is intended for those in - or aspiring to - a position of responsibility, this book provides practical techniques for dealing with people. The charts and flow diagrams explore different options for action and provide useful examples. Within each volume there are exercises and questionnaires which encourage self-assessment and analysis to improve management skills. Checklists and points to remember offer practical guidelines for achieving the best results.

[Image: 9453.jpg]

The Stuff of Thought - Language as a Window Into Human Nature
by Steven Pinker
English | 634 pages | EPUB | 1.52 MB

This New York Times bestseller is an exciting and fearless investigation of language from the author of Better Angels of Our Nature and The Sense of Style and Enlightenment Now.

"Curious, inventive, fearless, naughty."
--The New York Times Book Review

Bestselling author Steven Pinker possesses that rare combination of scientific aptitude and verbal eloquence that enables him to provide lucid explanations of deep and powerful ideas. His previous books - including the Pulitzer Prize finalist The Blank Slate - have catapulted him into the limelight as one of today's most important popular science writers. In The Stuff of Thought, Pinker presents a fascinating look at how our words explain our nature. Considering scientific questions with examples from everyday life, The Stuff of Thought is a brilliantly crafted and highly readable work that will appeal to fans of everything from The Selfish Gene and Blink to Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

[Image: 9457.jpg]

Mind Maps at Work - How to be the Best at Your Job and Still Have Time to Play
by Tony Buzan
English | 141 pages | PDF | 6.70 MB

From the bestselling author of The Mind Map Book and Use Both Sides of Your Brain

World-renowned expert on the brain, memory, speed reading, creativity, and innovation Tony Buzan has used his patented Mind Maps system to teach millions of people around the world how to unlock the infinite creativity of the human mind. With Mind Maps at Work, you'll find a practical guide to achieving workplace success and satisfaction.

Mind Maps are a revolutionary thinking tool: a visual and colorful form of note-taking that unleashes our creative and logical sides simultaneously. Incorporating a number of high-profile success stories-including the impressive results that Buzan's system has yielded for companies like Boeing, Con Edison, and Apple-Mind Maps at Work guides individuals, work groups, and companies large and small to plan and strategize effectively, solve problems creatively, and recall facts easily, maximizing every individual's creativity and productivity.

[Image: 9462.jpg] [Image: 9463.jpg] [Image: 9464.jpg] [Image: 9465.jpg]

50 Assorted Magazines - June 16 2019

50 Issues | PDF | English | 2.88 GB

List of Magazines

[Image: 9461.jpg]

File List:

Quote:Adweek - June 03, 2019.pdf 40 MB
Architect and Interiors India - June 2019.pdf 37 MB
Architect - June 2019.pdf 28 MB
Art Reveal - No. 47 2019.pdf 26 MB
Asian Photography - June 2019.pdf 68 MB
Australian Penthouse - February 2019.pdf 63 MB
Australian Yoga Journal - July 2019.pdf 43 MB
Auto Express - June 05, 2019.pdf 163 MB
Birds and Blooms Extra - July 01, 2019.pdf 24 MB
Bloomberg Businessweek Europe - June 10, 2019.pdf 24 MB
Boat International US Edition - June 2019.pdf 87 MB
Boutique Design - June 2019.pdf 54 MB
Car India - June 2019.pdf 72 MB
Caravan World - June 2019.pdf 134 MB
Coins - August 2019.pdf 75 MB
Commercial Design - June 2019.pdf 154 MB
Creative Light - Issue 31 2019.pdf 19 MB
Cruisin' Times - June 2019.pdf 52 MB
Crush International - May 2019.pdf 18 MB
Drum - 13 June 2019.pdf 44 MB
epicure Singapore - June 2019.pdf 111 MB
Floor Trends - May 2019.pdf 13 MB
Food Heaven - July 2019.pdf 111 MB
Furniture World - May-June 2019.pdf 28 MB
Happiful - June 2019.pdf 79 MB
Hello! Fashion Monthly - July 2019.pdf 67 MB
Heritage Railway - June 01, 2019.pdf 75 MB
Highlights for Children - July 2019.pdf 24 MB
Horse & Hound - 06 June 2019.pdf 57 MB
House & Lifestyle - June 2019.pdf 37 MB
Inside Out - June 2019.pdf 95 MB
Irish Building - June 2019.pdf 32 MB
Just CrossStitch - August 2019.pdf 82 MB
Kiwi Trail Runner - June-July 2019.pdf 55 MB
Lady Golfer - June 2019.pdf 6 MB
Leilieve - Basic Lingerie Collection 2019.pdf 6 MB
Let's Talk - July 2019.pdf 121 MB
Living Edge - June 2019.pdf 25 MB
Marie Claire UK - July 2019.pdf 55 MB
Military Vehicles - August 2019.pdf 35 MB
Modeliste - June 2019.pdf 36 MB
MoneyWeek - 07 June 2019.pdf 44 MB
Motorcycle Mojo - July 2019.pdf 88 MB
Nashville Lifestyles - June 2019.pdf 74 MB
National Defense - June 2019.pdf 10 MB
National Geographic USA - June 2019.pdf 151 MB
Navy Times - 03 June 2019.pdf 33 MB
New Zealand Listener - June 08, 2019.pdf 61 MB
Newsweek USA - June 07, 2019.pdf 61 MB
Northwest Sportsman - June 2019.pdf 52 MB

[Image: 9608.jpg] [Image: 9609.jpg] [Image: 9610.jpg]

20 Lonely Planet Books Collection Pack-17

20 Books | EPUB | English | 933 MB

List of Books

[Image: 9607.jpg]

File List:

Quote:Lonely Planet - World's Best Drinks.epub 56 MB
Lonely Planet - Madagascar.epub 9 MB
Lonely Planet Cancun, Cozumel & the Yucatan.epub 7 MB
Lonely planet country guide cuba.epub 64 MB
Lonely Planet Discover Barcelona.epub 14 MB
Lonely Planet Discover Ireland.epub 54 MB
Lonely Planet Discover Turkey.epub 22 MB
Lonely Planet Goa & Mumbai.epub 8 MB
Lonely Planet Great Britain 11 Edition.epub 137 MB
Lonely Planet Hiking & Tramping in New Zealand.epub 57 MB
Lonely Planet Pocket Venice Travel Guide.epub 33 MB
Lonely Planet Shanghai 7 Edition.epub 46 MB
Lonely Planet Spain & Portugal's Best Trips.epub 134 MB
Lonely Planet The World's Best Brunches - Where to Find Them and How to Make Them.epub 12 MB
Lonely Planet Turkey Travel Guide.epub 95 MB
Planet Morocco.epub 58 MB
Prague & Czech Rlic City Guide.epub 36 MB
Tony Wheeler's Bad Lands - A Tourist on the Axis of Evil.epub 621.58 kB
Washington DC Travel Guide.epub 46 MB
Washington, Oregon & the Pacific Northwest Travel Guide.epub 43 MB

[Image: 9507.jpg] [Image: 9508.jpg] [Image: 9509.jpg]

40 Assorted Magazines - June 16 2019

40 Issues | PDF | English | 2.78 GB

List of Magazines

[Image: 9506.jpg]

File List:

Quote:Inside Soap UK - 08 June 2019.pdf 45 MB
Mkovah Magazine - April 2019 (Los Angeles Edition).pdf 199 MB
Modellenland Magazine - June 2019.pdf 127 MB
Money Australia - June 2019.pdf 30 MB
National Geographic Traveller UK - July 2019.pdf 177 MB
New Scientist International Edition - June 08, 2019.pdf 34 MB
Nubian Bride - Issue 17 2019.pdf 34 MB
NW Magazine - June 03, 2019.pdf 57 MB
NZ Hunter - June 2019.pdf 73 MB
NZV8 - July 2019.pdf 200 MB
OK! Magazine Australia - June 10, 2019.pdf 54 MB
OK! Magazine Australia - June 17, 2019.pdf 53 MB
OK! Magazine UK - 10 June 2019.pdf 33 MB
OK! Magazine USA - June 10, 2019.pdf 84 MB
Ottawa At Home - Spring 2019.pdf 9 MB
Outdoor Life - May 2019.pdf 146 MB
Oxfordshire Limited Edition - July 2019.pdf 75 MB
PC Gamer UK - July 2019.pdf 68 MB
PC Magazine - June 2019.pdf 79 MB
Performance Vauxhall - June 2019.pdf 102 MB
Porter - June 2019.pdf 134 MB
Premium Sudoku - June 2019.pdf 43 MB
Professional Remodeler - June 2019.pdf 13 MB
Reader's Digest India - June 2019.pdf 61 MB
Sailing World - May-June 2019.pdf 106 MB
SciFiNow - July 2019.pdf 59 MB
Simple & Delicious - June-July 2019.pdf 53 MB
Southern Horse Magazine - June 2019.pdf 62 MB
Space - June 2019.pdf 54 MB
Style at Home UK - July 2019.pdf 69 MB
Systems Integration Asia - June-July 2019.pdf 12 MB - July 2019.pdf 92 MB
The Classic MotorCycle - July 2019.pdf 96 MB
The English Home - July 2019.pdf 96 MB
The Woodworker & Woodturner - July 2019.pdf 9 MB
Us Weekly - June 17, 2019.pdf 78 MB
Vicarious - Summer 2019.pdf 20 MB
WatchPro - June 2019.pdf 20 MB
Woman UK - 10 June 2019.pdf 30 MB
Woman's Day New Zealand - June 10, 2019.pdf 61 MB


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