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Poll: Who was your first sex fantasy queen?
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31 21.23%
30 20.55%
31 21.23%
13 8.90%
Cousin sister
33 22.60%
Any other like School Teacher Please mention in coment
8 5.48%
Total 146 vote(s) 100%
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only incest lovers
(12-01-2019, 11:16 AM)shrimarathi Wrote: Have anyone seen their parents sex session? Am the lucky one who got the my life's first porn and that is also live. The porn actress is my mother and actor my father. Pure natural sex is the best porn actress we can ever get bro....very true..
yes pure natural mating...real expressions...with real passion.
My aunt is my first crush then became my i want to get my mummy fucked with my cousin bro..
(12-01-2019, 10:18 AM)Bullstallion Wrote: I started seeing my elder sister bathing nude, from the bathroom window.
Slowly started masturbation, seeing her rub her boobs and pussy while she was naked.

After that, i started fondling her while she was sleeping.

Hii I m interested in incest I'd
(17-02-2019, 01:07 AM)Vijay18a11 Wrote: I see my sisters ass in leggings continuously and some time smell her panty

Hiii bro I m interested in incest I'd
(20-02-2019, 06:36 PM)dpcplbangalore Wrote: any one for incest chat

Hii I m interested I'd
(19-02-2019, 12:21 PM)Vidhivijay Wrote: Hey!! I m married man and my cousin sister is also married but when I was young and my sister is also we used to play together and we done soft sex so many times but in now I also want to fuck her

Hiii I'm interested id
Hi Guys, Incest with younger sister, 10 years's really great feeling. It all started when I started noticing her body growing n shaping. The difference attracts. My dream did not come true but had been fantasysing about her for years. Now she is married. I always try to feel soft body, smooth skin while playing, fighting, driving her in bike. She would look exceptionally gorgeous at night lamp with her silk night gown. Lot of times have caressed her thighs n stomach at deep sleep but couldn't go further and at that moment you hear your heart beat very very loud. It's really a beautiful feeling. Sneak around her while sleeping, cleaning, change clothes. I would smell her dress while alone, the smell of sweat will drive crazy. I try to wear her used clothes from wash bag. When no one in house i put on her clothes to a pillow n kiss it n smooch as it was her. Old memories but very fresh in mind. With not much courage inside a family it my lust on her became only a dream.

Let me know who ever has this feeling n share your real experience.

Thanks all.

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