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Submissive male who wants to live as house servant and slave
Hi friends of new Xossipy!
Congratulations to team that started Xossipy after Xossip went offline. Also congrats to all moderators for maintaining friendly, sane and consensual forums of so many exciting options for members.

i am a submissive make who believes in Female Supremacy in my life. It is my dream and aim to become One Female's owned slave and live as Her house servant doing ALL Her housework and car driving and obeying Her always and in everything.
So i am searching for such Female who wants to own and keep an obedient slave who worships Her feet and serves Her.
She might be One who marries me and makes me Her cuckold slave house husband. Or She may already be married and wants a submissive slave house servant for Her household. She can even marry me to any maid of Her choice to make cuckold servant couple.
i have erectile dysfunction but i am good at giving oral pleasures to both Female and male.
Now a days BDSM is become quite popular in our country so maybe i will meet people interested in BDSM lifestyle on this new website.
If anyone is interested to chat with me please send me private message.
Happy to be a Xossipyian!
i live for Female Supremacy

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