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Free/Paid Online Courses and Certificates (and exams) official by Google
You can visit the link and complete the courses for free to get certificates:
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Digital Marketing
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Google Exams/Certifications (Paid)
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Utilizing the innovation of web video conferencing the viability of class communication and understudy coordinated effort has turned out to be about equivalent to doing it physically. Particularly for understudies who are doing tasks and can't discover an opportunity to go to their schools normally, this has turned into a famous method for winning their degrees.

Rundown of Free Online Courses and Certificates

We have made one stride further to share the courses and affirmations that are totally free. There are such a significant number of paid courses accessible on the Internet on practically any subject that you can consider. In any case, finding the ones that are free can be a feverish assignment. In any case, that is actually for what reason we're here, isn't that so? To ensure that you get free online courses that are tantamount to the paid ones. We have separated the courses into classifications as per diverse territories of study including:

   Information Technology
   Accounting / Finance
   Human Resources (HR)
   Medical Sciences
   Bonus Courses

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